Restorative Physical Therapy


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"a safe place to restore balance one step at a time"



My mission is to provide a balanced and integrated hands-on approach for clients seeking relief from pain, recovering from recent or chronic injuries/surgeries, or simply wanting to function in a more easeful way. I blend traditional physical therapy skills with a variety of manual therapy modalities, as well as therapeutic yoga, to reduce pain and restore balance.


My philosophy in working with people is that we work together as a team.  I start with an evaluation where I assess a person’s structure, posture, and response to movement, and receive input from the person regarding their restrictions and personal goals for therapy. We then create a therapeutic plan to reach their desired intentions. 

I use the term client agency to emphasize the role of the client in achieving his/her stated goals. What each person brings to the session is just as important as what I contribute in a session. Each person knows what they feel better than anyone else; my client's feedback is an essential part of a session and helps to guide me in fine tuning their treatment. My most successful clients are those who willingly participate in their therapy and embrace the strategy both inside and outside a session.

I have the good fortune of practicing in a community that is rich with resources; when appropriate, I may refer a client to a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a psychotherapist, a movement class, or perhaps back to their primary care physician if further screening is warranted.

Patricia Tschannen, M.P.T.
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